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New York Mail Fraud

A New York Mail Fraud Lawyer will tell you that the crime of Mail Fraud is classified as a federal offense. This felony offense is committed when a defendant uses the U.S. Postal Service to commit a scheme that defrauds a victim. This crime is often seen in connection with other crimes such as Insurance Fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud or Grand Larceny. If you have been charged with Mail Fraud or other White Collar Crime such as Bribery, bank fraud or Medicare Fraud, contact a skilled New York Criminal Lawyer from our team for guidance, the penalties you may be facing are significant.

When a Mail Fraud offense occurs, the U.S. Postal Inspector will investigate the crime. If a crime is committed, that involves the internet, wire communications, or the U.S. mail, a Mail Fraud charge is possible. Mail Fraud occurs where a party knowing plans a scheme to gain property or money by false pretenses, and the party used the U.S. mail service to carry out their plan.

Due to the current economic environment, the District Attorney has focused on eradicating White Collar Crimes and all forms of business fraud. Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. section 1341: US Code Section 1341, if a party is convicted of this crime and it involves a banking institution, the penalties are even more serious.

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