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New York Bribery

The crime of Bribery has become more common in the recent past, partially because the crime refers to a broad range of offenses. A New York Bribery Lawyer will tell you that the crime is committed with influence it traded for some sort of benefit. If you have been charged with the crime of Bribery or related charge, such as Embezzlement, fraud, or other White Collar Crime, speak with a New York Bribery Lawyer from Elliot Adler, P.C. We will provide you with valuable advice on how to best defend yourself against these charges.

Bribery commonly involves the offering of money or a gift in exchange for some type of benefit or business advantage. In other words, influence is used to gain preferential treatment. Examples of Bribery would include payment of a public official to sway a vote, to persuade law enforcement to overlook an offense, to obtain an important government contract, or even to affect the testimony of a juror. Often the recipient of a Bribe is a public official, which can include anyone from a congressman, to a building inspector.

There are two important points to understand about Bribery. The actual bribe does not have to be made and received, promising the bribe and agreeing to the bribe are enough. In this instance both parties involved would be criminally liable. The federal government and the District Attorney treat this crime very harshly, particularly when a public official is involved. In addition to the bribe, you can be charged with Grand Larceny as well as a variety of other white collar crimes.

While Bribery is a criminal charge, it can also lead to civil liability as well. The severity of the offense will be influenced by the amount of money or benefit involved in the bribe. Speak with a skilled New York Criminal Lawyer from Elliot Adler, P.C. for advice and guidance. With your first visit, we will provide you with legal guidance and a free case consultation. We handle criminal matters on Long Island including Nassau County and Suffolk County, as well as Westchester County. In New York City, we appear in all the boroughs including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. Call us today at 212.785.1300.

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