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New York Domestic Violence

Domestic violence crimes are very prevalent in New York. In fact, many major boroughs and counties in New York have their own courtrooms designated just to Domestic Violence crimes. Many courts now have an integrated courtroom that combines criminal law with domestic law crimes. Interestingly, there is no crime called Domestic Violence in New York. The crimes that are considered Domestic Violence crimes include stalking, rape, assault, menacing, kidnapping, harassment, aggravated harassment, and even murder. If you have been charged with a Domestic Violence crime, contact a New York Domestic Violence Lawyer right away. It is important that your rights are protected.

Domestic Violence occurs when criminal acts are committed by people living in the same dwelling, or have a family connection or intimate relationship. For domestic court or criminal court purposes, the parties involved must have a legal or blood relationship, or have a child in common. In New York, the integrated domestic violence courtroom combines standard criminal punishments with a different approach in punishments including counseling, parenting classes, and anger management programs. The theory behind these types of courtrooms is to prevent overlap within the courts. Often there are criminal charges for instance, that also involve an order for protection, or child custody and visitation issues. Utilizing these types of courtrooms avoids not only avoids possible mistakes, but also promotes judicial economy.

If you have been charged with a Domestic Violence offense, it is important to speak with a New York Criminal Lawyer for guidance. Your lawyer can encourage the judge and district attorney to steer from conventional criminal punishment, while advocating your innocence. Whether you have been charged with assault, rape, or endangering the welfare of a child, a New York Domestic Violence Lawyer from our office create a strong defense and ensure that your rights are protected. Contact the office of Elliot Adler, P.C. for legal advice and guidance. Our office will provide you with sound legal advice as well as a free consultation. We have offices throughout New York City, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. We also have locations in both Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island. Contact us today to receive your free consultation at 212.785.1300.

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