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New York Credit Card Fraud

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Credit Card Fraud affects over 9 million Americans annually. A New York Credit Card Fraud Lawyer can explain that these charges are aggressively prosecuted. As the use of computers and electronics increased exponentially on the recent past, these crimes are more prevalent than ever. The District Attorney is well aware of this, and aggressively prosecutes these crimes. It is important to speak with a New York Criminal Fraud Lawyer from Elliot Adler for guidance.

The crime of Credit Card Fraud includes a variety of crimes that involve the fraudulent use or theft of a credit card. This offense usually occurs when someone else’s card is used to make a purchase. This crime is closely linked to Computer Fraud, because often the use of the internet is involved. Credit Card Fraud can also be linked to Mail Fraud and Bank Fraud.

Credit Card Fraud can include:

  • Using a credit card without the owners approval
  • Stealing a credit card
  • Acquiring a credit card via the mail
  • Manufacturing fraudulent credit cards
  • Purposefully misrepresenting information on a credit application
  • Creating a fraudulent website to access credit card information

It is interesting to note that you do not have to be physically in possession of the credit card to be charged with Credit Card Fraud. The use of the credit card information is enough to commit this crime. In fact, statistics show that over one-half of all online Credit Card Fraud is committed by only using the numbers.

The penalties if you are convicted of this crime can include prison time that ranges from 10-20 years, and financial retribution. Speak with a qualified New York Criminal Lawyer from the Law Offices of Elliot Adler for guidance. We will explain the charges against you and answer the many questions you likely have. We will provide you with a free consultation with your first visit. The firm handles all criminal cases from Sex crime to Murder in both state and Federal courts. Contact us today at 212.785.1300. We service New York City, including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. We also have service Long Island including both Nassau County and Suffolk County as well as Westchester County for your convenience.

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