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New York Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes are on the rise, not only in New York, but also throughout the United States. Because of the increase in Sex Crimes, the New York District Attorney had been aggressively pursuing and prosecuting these offenses. Also, a federal investigation is working in cooperation with different counties in the state of New York to address Sex Crimes. One area of focus is Child Pornography, also known as kiddy porn, or child porn. Thus far, the FBI has arrested dozens of people who have been charged with at least one, if not several Sex Crime charges. Often the task force will obtain search warrants to confiscate a suspect’s computer in order to obtain evidence.

Whether the charge is Rape, sodomy, child porn, sex with a minor, sexual assault or sexual abuse, it is imperative to have a skilled New York Criminal Lawyer working on your behalf. Elliot Adler, P.C., has the experience and legal skills to aggressively defend your rights. If you have been charged with a Sex Crime, contact our office today.

If you have been charged with a Sex Crime, there are different types of defenses that can be used. Which defense will be appropriate will depend on the circumstances of your case, and what you have been charged with. In a Sodomy or Date Rape case for instance, it will not be enough for the District Attorney to prove that relations did take place. It must also be proven that the victim did not consent to those relations. Often the victim in a Date Rape or Sodomy case feels shame and remorse after the fact, and retaliates against their partner, claiming they never consented.

In New York and in Federal Court, the District Attorney will have the burden to prove that there was a lack of consent. If the New York Criminal Lawyer is able to raise reasonable doubt, you will not be convicted of the Sex Crime you have been charged with.

If you have been accused of a Sex Crime, call the Law Office of Barry C. Weiss P.C. without delay at 800.696.9529. Whether you have been charged with Rape, Date Rape, Child Pornography, or Sodomy, we can provide you with sound legal advice and a free consultation. We have offices in New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. We also have locations on Long Island in both Nassau County and Suffolk County. Call us today to arrange for your free consultation.

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