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New York Petite Larceny

The crime of Petite Larceny (Penal Law Section 155.25) is defined as the theft of a good or service that has a value less than $1,000. Any crime that involves a theft over $1,000. is considered Grand Larceny. This crime is one of the most commonly committed crimes in New York. Shoplifting is a form of Petite Larceny, which is committed by teenagers and adults alike. Shoplifting costs retail stores millions of dollars every year, not only in lost merchandise, but also in increased security, and loss prevention measures. The District Attorney refers to Petite Larceny as a quality of life crime. These types of crimes raise consumer prices and put an additional burden on law enforcement.

There is a civil statute that allows the victim of a Theft Crime to sue the perpetrator for up to five times the value of the merchandise stolen. This would be a separate action over and above a criminal charge. If you are arrested in a retail store for Petite Larceny, the security officer may tell you that you will have to sign a confession in order to be released from their custody. They are legally allowed to hold you until the police arrive on the scene. They cannot however, make you sign a confession if you don’t want to. They also may tell you that they have you on video tape committing the crime. This may or may not be true. If you find yourself in this situation, tell security that you want to speak with your Criminal Lawyer right away. When the police arrive, sign nothing, and insist that you speak with your lawyer. Your New York Petite Larceny Lawyer will be able to obtain the facts, and any relevant evidence, including a video tape, if there is one. The main point to remember in this instance is not to sign anything.

If you have been arrested with others, you will likely be separated. They may even say that your friend has confessed, and now you should too. This is a common police tactic. It is important as with the scenario above to not confess to anything, and contact your New York Criminal Lawyer at your first opportunity.

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