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New York Promoting Prostitution

A New York Promoting Lawyer will tell you that the sex crime of Promoting Prostitution takes place when a person benefits and profits from prostitution, but is neither the person acting as the prostitute or patronizing a prostitute. The crime of Promoting Prostitution involves:

  • Receiving money for arranging a prostitute for someone;
  • Soliciting a customer for a prostitute;
  • Operating, managing or owning an establishment that was created for prostitution, and prostitution is practiced there;
  • Inducing someone to become a prostitute.

If you have been charged with Promoting Prostitution or other Sex Crime , or battery, assault, Burglary or endangering the welfare of a child, speak with a qualified New York Promoting Prostitution Lawyer from our team today. The penalties you could be facing are serious, and can include jail time, large fines and probation.

In New York, the Penal Law defines the laws related to Promoting Prostitution, which can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and punishable by 1 to 25 years in prison. There severity of the charge will depend on:

  • How many prostitutes are involved;
  • Whether force or coercion was used;
  • The age of the prostitutes involved.

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