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New York Kidnapping

A New York Kidnapping Defense Lawyer can explain that the crime of Kidnapping is classified as a felony in both the New York state system as well as the federal system. Officials from both the state system and federal law enforcement often work together to locate kidnapping victims. The general definition of Kidnapping is to deprive another of their freedom by force, by holding the victim against their will without having the opportunity to leave. If you or someone you know has charged with Kidnapping, or other serious crime such as Assault, battery, or Reckless Endangerment, it is important to take prompt action and speak with a New York Kidnapping Lawyer from our team right away.

Commonly Kidnapping is a crime that is short in duration. However, it can be considered a gateway crime, where other crimes evolve from the initial kidnapping. Crimes that can be associated with kidnapping can include a Sex Crime such as sexual abuse, Rape, or sodomy or a violent felony such as Murder, battery, or felony assault. If a victim is injured during the Kidnapping, a charge of aggravated Kidnapping abduction can be made. This is a crime where the defendant has a premeditated plan to kidnap a victim and never free them. This is often the case when a child is kidnapped. In a Kidnapping charge, there is no specific time frame that a victim needs to be confined. A New York Criminal Lawyer will tell you that a person held against their will for even 5 minutes is sufficient for a kidnapping charge.

The laws changed in October 2008 that doubled the punishments for Kidnapping. The potential sentence was increased to up to 50 years in prison. The government increased the penalty to deter Kidnapping crimes, particularly holding a person for ransom, and trafficking of sex slaves.

If you have been charged with Kidnapping, you could be facing both state and federal charges. Speak with a New York Kidnapping Lawyer from Barry C. Weiss P.C. right away for guidance and legal support. We will provide a prompt and aggressive defense to the charges against you and ensure that your interests are protected. Call us today and arrange for a free consultation at 212.785.1300 today. Wherever you are in New York City or Long Island, we can help you in Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island, and Westchester County as well as Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

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