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New York Drug Possession

New York State law enforcement, DEA officials and NYPD agree that New York City is a drug traffic center for organized crime. New York has a large multinational population as well as being a major city in the United States in term of sheer population size, which makes it a focus for drug enforcement.

NYC and federal law enforcement focus on Mexican and Colombia drug cartels, which are primarily responsible for distribution of illegal drugs. Cocaine is shipped into New York annually through U.S. Postal Service, truck and boat. Law enforcement will often focus on street dealers in efforts to reach larger importers. Federal and state law enforcement including the District Attorney intends to prosecute street drug dealers in efforts to address a much larger drug problem in New York.

Between the years of 2000 through 2007, there were approximately 30,000 felony drug arrests, and 200,000 misdemeanor drug arrests. The offense of Drug Possession includes cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, Khat, steroids and LSD. It is interesting to note that one can also be prosecuted for stealing prescription pads in efforts to obtain “legal” narcotics. An arrest for this type of offense often winds up with the offender being convicted, and spending time in jail. In this instance, a New York Drug Possession Lawyer from our office may recommend that it is a helpful strategy to enroll in a drug treatment program if your offense is a lower priority Drug Possession offense.

One common goal of both the court system and the District Attorney is to address the issue of recidivism. Often a strong defense strategy will include a drug treatment program, including the use of drug treatment professionals, as well as a marked change in the defendant’s behavior. Having a skilled New York Criminal Lawyer and a good defense strategy can result in a plea bargain and keep the defendant out of jail.

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