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Bronx Unemployment Fraud

Being accused of unemployment fraud in the Bronx is a serious issue and the one that should prompt any accused individual to schedule a phone call or a consultation in person with a Bronx unemployment fraud attorney. You may have unknowingly made a small mistake, but it does not matter whether this was an honest concern or whether a clear indication of fraud, you still need comprehensive defense. Too many people make the mistake of assuming that their innocence is obvious and that the authorities will find out quickly that they are not responsible for the crime they are accused of.

However, if you allow this to proceed with the assumption that justice will eventually work itself out, you could be facing serious consequences for unemployment fraud in the Bronx without realizing the severity of these issues. Hiring an experienced Bronx unemployment fraud defense attorney, however, gives you a broad perspective over what you can expect as your case unfolds in the justice system and the best way to protect yourself. An attorney can tell you more about the evidence that the prosecution may have in order to attempt to convict you of unemployment fraud. In the wake of the recent financial recession, many different families across Suffolk County and Nassau County in New York are struggling with holding down a job and having enough finances to care for their family.

Many people have been laid off and have, through no fault of their own, been unable to find gainful employment. Many of these people turn to unemployment assistance as a way to help their family get through this difficult time. No person who is honestly in need of unemployment assistance should be targeted for unemployment fraud, but unfortunately, too many innocent people or those who did not realize the consequences of a minor mistake find themselves in this position. Without the help of a dedicated Bronx unemployment fraud defense attorney, however, these minor mistakes made at the outset of your case could compromise your freedom. Being accused of unemployment fraud and being convicted for it could mean the loss of these crucial unemployment benefits as well as criminal consequences. Simply put, you and your family cannot afford to leave this issue up to chance without consulting with a dedicated criminal defender.

The crime of unemployment fraud has grown in recent years because of the number of individuals who need to rely on this financial assistance. The department of labor has engaged in a serious campaign over the last several years to stamp out employment fraud. Many individuals who are accused of this crime do not realize the benefits of retaining legal guidance immediately and may unknowingly provide more information than is necessary to the authorities.

This charge can be very serious; whether you have been charged with some other type of white collar crime like Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud or credit card fraud, legal guidance help illuminate you as to the potential consequences and how you should proceed. A Bronx unemployment fraud attorney can gather all of the relevant information and help you navigate this complex process. People are frequently charged with unemployment fraud in New York when they are collecting benefits as they are still working. They may be working unofficially and being paid cash, not reporting income or identifying someone else as their employer. Any purposeful misrepresentation of your employment status or your individual identity is classified as fraudulent and could lead criminal unemployment fraud allegations. You must actively look for employment if you are currently unemployed and getting unemployment benefits. If you fail to do this or falsify information about your ability to get employment, this is also a crime.

An employer may additionally be found guilty of unemployment fraud if they provide false or inaccurate information about the money the employee earns or any employee individually. It is both an expensive and far reaching issue for unemployment fraud in the Bronx and therefore, you should be prepared to respond to any allegations seriously by retaining a criminal defender who has years to experience in this field. There are so many different things you need to be concerned about in the wake of an unemployment fraud allegation and taking action sooner rather than later can be to your best benefit.

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