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Bronx Domestic Violence

When things get out of hand involving a roommate or family member, it can be shocking to realize that the police have been called or that 911 has been dialed. However, these actions taken by an alleged victim of domestic violence can increase the chances that you could be arrested for domestic violence.

Many people who are arrested on domestic violence charges in the Bronx do not realize the full scope of potential consequences and why they need to take action quickly. Some of the most common complementary charges linked to domestic violence include endangering the welfare of a child, menacing, harassment or assault.

How to Handle Allegations of Domestic Violence in the Bronx

In many of these cases you may believe that you have done nothing wrong. Courts and police are extremely sensitive in cases in which a child, significant other or a spouse makes an allegation of violence, particularly if the scene upon which the officer arrived appears to be escalated. This means that it is highly likely that someone will be arrested for domestic violence.

Since there are many complicated components involved in a New York domestic violence allegation, you should not wait to get help from an experienced Bronx criminal defender. Anyone who knows the significant problems associated with an outcome of a domestic violence case will see the benefits of retaining a lawyer who has a strong background and experience in this field.

Particularly if you are currently involved in a divorce or child custody issue, domestic violence can have an impact on your other cases outside of the criminal court as well. Furthermore, simply the allegation of domestic violence can do damage to your character and this does not consider the implications of an order of protection that requires that you stay away from the alleged victims.

Particularly when children are involved, this could mean that you are not able to have a relationship or interact your children meaningfully for the duration of an order of protection. While a temporary order of protection may only last until the next scheduled court appearance, a more permanent order of protection can have serious ramifications for your future and you need to understand what you can and cannot do under this order of protection as well.

Defining Domestic Violence

Any situation that involves the commitment of violence or the threat of violence against a family member or household member maybe categorized as domestic violence in New York. Although majority of these allegations are misdemeanors or violations, they can also be heightened to the level of felonies with serious jail sentences depending on some of the factors of the situation involved like whether or not a weapon was present. Domestic violence laws in New York protect roommates as well as family members, housemates and significant others. When accused and convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge in New York, a maximum penalty of one year in jail may apply.

In cases involving an order of protection linked to a misdemeanor conviction of DV, however, could be in effect for as many as 5 years. These convictions can have major impacts on the remainder of your life such as the influence on your reputation, loss of custody or visitation rights, being fired from your job or more. This is why it is imperative that you identify a New York criminal defense attorney.

After you are accused of domestic violence in New York, at the first court appearance (the arraignment), the judge issues an order of protection that forbids you from communicating or going near the person who raised the allegations. This is in effect until the case is concluded. An experienced New York criminal defense attorney may be able to have this reduced to a limited order of protection. Even if things got out of hand momentarily, all hope is not lost. An experienced domestic violence attorney can help you avoid a criminal record as well as jail time and enable you to get back into your home and involved with your family sooner rather later. Do not fail to get help from a lawyer who cares.

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